What is the value of Vision after an extended time looking at a screen? 
Why not use traditional eye gel pack?
Is the water tempreture controlled?
What's the temperature cool/warm mode can reach?
Is the temperature adjustable?
Product FAQ
What is the value of Vision after an extended time looking at a screen? 

Vision's Cool Cycle may be best to relieve the “heat” around your eyes if your eyes feel strained, hot, red and tired, whereas if you simply want to relax yourself, then Vision's Warm Cycle will certainly do the job.
Why not use traditional eye gel pack?

Traditional eye gel packs cannot maintain a comfortable and stable temperature. The blood vessels around the eyes cannot receive massage and stimulation.

With Vision, you can apply cool or warm compress by simply pressing buttons. It offers preset consistent adequate temperature throughout the cycle without hours of waiting and taking risks of hurting your eyes.

Is the water tempreture controlled? 

Yes. As recommended by doctors, the tempreture is controlled at all times by a smart chip.
What's the temperature cool/warm mode can reach?

As recommended by doctors, cool mode is around 60℉(18℃) and warm mode is around 104℉(40℃).

Is the temperature adjustable?

Because of the danger of injury due to extreme or unbenificial tempratures, we do not allow users to adjust the temprature, the temprature is instead set to doctor's recommendations automaticall

Can the eye mask and the remote controller be separated?

No, they cannot be separated. There are wires and pipes connected between Eye mask and controller. They are considered as a combined item.

Because of delicate machinery and information that needs to be connected between the two, the mask and the controller are one item.

What kind of effect does the blue light have?

The blue light is a breathing light, which symbolizes relaxing state of the user during usage. It also expresses the concept of our product design - relaxing and natural.

Is blue light visible when I wear Vision

No, because your eyes are closed when using it.

Should I open or close my eyes when using Vision?

Your eyes should be closed when using Vision.

How does the vibration helps my eyes?

The vibration is designed to stimulate acupuncture points around the eyes. It promotes muscles relaxation and blood circulation.

Is there any limitation on the user's age?

Vision is suitable for all age groups, however elderly and children require supervision when using it.

Can it be brought and used on the flight?

Yes. The Vision is flight ready. Both the product itself and it's battery are approved to go on flights. The water bottle can be filled once the plane is boarded.

Is there any requirement for the filling water?

We recommended to use pure water or disdill water which to avoid the water circulation blockage by mineral in the water.

Can I use Vision with my contact lenses on?

No. Contact lenses must be removed before using the Vision.

Can I wear makeup when I use Vision?

We recommend you to remove your makeup before using Vision, for cosmetic reasons only.

Do I need to purchase any battery for Vision?

No. The battery is embedded.

Can I use Visionoutdoor?

Yes, Vision is fully portable and comes with a carrying pouch. It’s great for your eyes to take a break at office, on plane, waiting for connecting flight at airport.

Can the water circuit be cleaned ?

Yes. You may use well wrung damp cloth included in the package.

Is Vision waterproof?

Though Vision runs with water to control temperature, it is not waterproof against external sources.

Will the water circuit cause any allergies?

The water circuit is made of silicone, which is an environmental-friendly material and is widely used in medical products. It is harmless, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic.

What's the odor from water circuit? Is it harmful?

It's the natural characteristic of silicon material.
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