Rio, A Revolutionary Water-Propelled Heated Eye Massager


2019/10/22 Aurai Team Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Rio, A Revolutionary Water-Propelled Heated Eye Massag

Aurai Team Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Rio, A Revolutionary Water-Propelled Heated Eye Massager 

Eye fatigue has become a serious issue in the modern world. To help people live a better life, Aurai introduces Rio, a device that helps to relax
he eyes and eliminate dry eyes

The demand of modern-day lifestyle has resulted in many people dealing with serious incidences of eye fatigue. Staring all day into computers, smartphones, or even driving for a long time has led to serious eye discomfort, by removing the moisture needed for the eyes to remain functional. 
Aurai is proud to announce a Kickstarter campaign for its innovative water-propelled heated eye massager called Rio. The Project will be launching around mid-October 2019, while product shipping time will be in February 2020 (Around Valentine’s day). 

The device is designed to achieve water permeability and maintains adequate moisture around the eyes without any irritation. It helps to get rid of eye fatigue by introducing extra moisture to the eyes, gently relaxing the muscle tension, and delivers a warm sensation. Rio is soft and tender, and very portable, so it can be carried anywhere and used anytime. To support the project, please visit their Kickstarter

Technology is good and we can’t do without it. However, using it has caused serious health issues, especially for people who spend time on laptops, smartphones, TV sets, or other brightly lit devices. Excessive exposure to these devices can cause eye fatigue that results in eye strains, blurred vision, dry eyes, and poor sleep. 

Rio is a device created to solve the problem of eye fatigue using technologically advanced methods, built to add value to life. The device comes with a dual temperature range to suit the user’s liking. Also, the high-temperature setting works to encourage oil gland production, so eyes can produce more tears. Rio is designed to fit all eyes, has no allergies, and doesn’t put any pressure on the eyes. Rio is portable so it can be carried along on a trip and can be charged with a micro USB port. 

The device can be used in the home, relaxing on the couch after a long day’s work. The next day, the eyes feel fresh and the user is ready to face the challenge of the day with a rejuvenated eye. While traveling, it can be placed on the eyes in the airplane to supply more moisture and nourish the eyes. After a long hour of driving, the driver can take a rest and refresh the eyes with Rio, before continuing the journey. Rio is for everyone who wants to live a better life of happiness and freedom. It can be used almost anywhere, helping to nourish the eyes all day long.