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Vision, Cool & Warm Water-Propelled Eye Massager

  • Model:EM-01
  • Original Price:$290
  • Price:$290
  • Cool and Warm Massage | Water-Propelled | Medical Grade Silicone | Lightweight and Carryable | International Awards and Certifications
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Product Information


US$ 290


Rated input      AC100-240V    50/60 Hz   0.35A
Rated output   DC5V  2A
Rated power    12.5W


Product weight 645g(22.8oz)

In the Box  

Fill bottle
Cleaning cloth
Carry pouch
Assorted plug

The following people need to seek professional medical advice before using our product.
  • Persons with neurological disorders of the face or esthesiodermia.·
  • Persons who have metal, silicon, or plastic implants in their face due to bone fractures or plastic surgery.
  • Persons who cannot sense heat.
  • Persons suffering from head or eye aftereffects due to traffic accidents, etc.
  • Persons with strong myopia 
  • Persons who suffer from or have suffered from eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, detached retina, fundus hemorrhage, floaters, etc).
  • Persons who have undergone eye surgery 
  • When you feel sick or have a fever.
  • When your skin is injured or you have eczema or a swelling ar ound your eyes.
  • When there are abnormalities on the skin such as dermatitis or extreme sunburn around your eyes.
  • Persons with allergic diathesis.
  • Persons with skin diseases or atopic diathesis.
  • Persons with sensitive skin.
  • Persons with irritated, painful, or uncomfortable skin or other parts of the body. If used with these symptoms, Aurai may cause further discomfort and skin irritation.
  • Pregnant women should not use this appliance.  Hormone imbalance may cause skin problems.
  • Do not allow pets, children or infants to touch or operate this product. Doing so may cause burn, electric shock or injury.


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