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Rio, water-propelled heated eye massager

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Over the years, the Aurai team has been devoted to find the best solution for digital eye strain. With the soaring popularity of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops spreading around the globe, we spend more time looking at screens than ever. The side effects of extended screen time include eye fatigue,  dry eyes, and blurred vision. 


After years of development, we finally came up with a breakthrough solution - Aurai, water-propelled eye massager dedicated to relief eye fatigue and eye discomfort.


Following the remarkable success of our first model on crowd-funding campagin, we're coming back with our second project - Rio. Rio primarily focuses on enhancing the functionality and user experience of warm compression on eyes, making it more compact and portable, more comfortable to wear, and most importantly, more accessible and affordable for everyone.  


Did you know... 

Average Americans spent about 10 hours and 39 minutes a day staring at their digital devices.  

Since many of our hobbies and activities are increasingly online, we inevitably spend more time on screens no matter if we are working or entertaining. According to the 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report by the Vision Council, almost 9 out of 10 Americans use digital devices for two or more hours each day. Nearly 60% of Americans use digital devices for five or more hours daily, and 70% of people use two or more devices simultaneously.   

From 2012 to 2018, we've increased time spent on mobile media by 130%, and digital eye strain has become more common in modern lives.   

All of these findings clearly tell us that we've taken a toll on our eyes. The more time we spend on screens, the more easily our eyes get fatigued which will lead to dry eyes, irritated eyes, blurred vision, related headaches, and poor sleep. These in turn will negatively affect our work and quality of life. 

This is exactly where Rio comes in. 

Rio achieves water permeability and maintains adequate moisture around eyes without irritation. Whether you had a late night out or have been staring at a screen for hours at work, your strained dry eyes and skin around your eye sockets are worth being moisturized by Rio.


Rio utilizes water circulation and simulated wave pulses to relax muscle tension gently around the eye area while limiting noise to promote relaxation. With its unique water circulation system, Rio literally soothes your eye strain in the most comfortable way. 

While other eye massagers utilize rigid vibration, Rio reduces your eye strain without creating any uncomfortable or harmful vibrations. The tender massage provided by Rio will improve your blood circulation and boost metabolism, allowing you to get rid of the eye fatigue cumulated over a day. Just close your eyes and let Rio cradle you to deep relaxation. 


The built-in constant temperature system ensures the temperature stays within the designated range, saving you from hassles in replacing hot towels/gel packs. Dual phase temperature offers optional temperature ranges: Normal 39 - 41°C (102 - 105°F) and High 42 - 44°C (107 - 111°F) to suit different user’s liking.

Whether you need a light rest during a coffee break or seek a deep relaxation after you’ve had a long, tough day, you’ll always find an ideal temperature for yourself. The high temperature setting works especially well to encourage oil gland production, so your eyes produce more tears to mitigate dry eye discomfort.

We know how delicate and important your eyes are. Traditional eye massagers use a rigid approach with squeezing air compression bags or rolling mechanical metal tips. Rio takes good care of your eyes with a soft, gentle, and skin-friendly eye mask. It's made of medical grade silicone, it's hypo-allergenic, and it's easy to clean and maintain.

The ergonomically designed water bag comfortably molds to your eye sockets, allowing temperature to naturally come through to your skin. Water circulates inside the silicone eye mask along with vibration modules, generating wave-like movements that tenderly massage around your eyes.    

We’ve successfully shrunk Rio's size from the previous model, making it more compact, lighter, and more portable, so Rio can travel wherever you go. Rio is powered through a micro-USB connection, one of the most widely used connectors in the market.

Other than the AC adapter provided, Rio also works with other power banks or external battery packs with rated output 5v=~2A. As long as you bring the micro-USB cable provided, you'll easily find applicable power sources.

“It’s almost, BOOM. It was a fantastic massage. I’m going actually seeing the “after effect”Face turns to feel like extremely lux.”   

 “I feel like my eye really open up and I feel my view is wider now.” 

"I was thinking of would be nice to use it everyday!"

"Once you glued and put you sleep! It actually feel good now, my eyes are rested. "


Deputy Executive Dean for Life and Health Sciences at Aston University.

Deputy Dean, Life and Health Sciences Professor of Optometry, Aston University

Professor of Optometry, University of Houston.

Professor James S. Wolffsohn is the Deputy Executive Dean for Life and Health Sciences at Aston University.  James has published over 170 peer reviewed academic papers and over numerous International presentations.   

His main research areas are the development and evaluation of ophthalmic instrumentation, contact lenses, intraocular lenses and the tear film. He Is the academic Chair of the British Contact Lens Association, having been a past president and Is Chair of the 2nd Dry Eye Workshop Diagnosis Sub-committee.   

The following people need to seek professional medical advice before using our product.
· Persons with neurological disorders of the face or esthesiodermia.
· Persons who have metal, silicon, or plastic implants in their face due to bone fractures or plastic surgery.
· Persons who cannot sense heat.
· Persons suffering from head or eye aftereffects due to traffic accidents, etc.
· Persons with strong myopia 
· Persons who suffer from or have suffered from eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, detached retina, fundus hemorrhage, floaters, etc).
· Persons who have undergone eye surgery 
· When you feel sick or have a fever.
· When your skin is injured or you have eczema or a swelling ar ound your eyes.
· When there are abnormalities on the skin such as dermatitis or extreme sunburn around your eyes.
· Persons with allergic diathesis.
· Persons with skin diseases or atopic diathesis.
· Persons with sensitive skin.
· Persons with irritated, painful, or uncomfortable skin or other parts of the body.
   - If used with these symptoms, Aurai may cause further discomfort and skin irritation.
· Pregnant women should not use this appliance.
  - Hormone imbalance may cause skin problems.
· Do not allow pets, children or infants to touch or operate this product.
  - Doing so may cause burn, electric shock or injury.


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